Looking for content sharing theme/plugin for my new project

Hi, I am interested to purchase theme or plugin, which will allow logged in user submit their posts. I have certain requirements for my project, and have not yet find the right developer.

I have planned to launch a certain type of competition site. The idea is that logged in users can submit their posts on front-end. The site will be for Finnish visitors, so I need also use Finnish language for the most parts.

I am looking for theme/plugin which will allow users publish posts easily, but I need certain custom form fields for that. That custom forms need to have at least majority of following options:

  • Custom field names for title and the text fields
  • Min and Max characters
  • No links can be attached¨
  • Image upload option from own device (not necessary)
  • Dropdown options, with predefined external links and text

I also need the theme or plugin to have option for profile pages and those should be visible for any logged in users with user content below or at least some information about users activity.

I also like to know is possible to have customizable post template for users posts, with placement for add banners or options to add shortcodes or internal links or social media share buttons.

I know this include many requirements, but if you have the skills or ready product for that. Please contact me asap via message.


You can take a look at my new item: https://themeforest.net/item/mimi-a-viral-wordpress-blogging-theme/17399376

With this theme, the logged-in users will be able to submit post to the frontend. Users activity through buddypress + bbpress.

This theme will cover your many criteria, for the rest of functionalities, you can hire us.


Hi, and thank you for your reply.

Sounds interesting, How much you have to charge for customization and how
is the support etc. afterwards?

  • Betsikingi

I messaged you.