Searching for user content site

Hi. I’m searching for site that would be able to provide me with these features:

  1. Users can add short sentences or a photo.
  2. Other users can vote up or down for his text.
  3. Not too old design.

There are not too many other features that I need.

Social logins would be a big plus.

For an idea, there will be a sentence that people need to finish.

Cat jumped over …

And people can upload their response.

User 1: flying car
User 2: Cats don’t jump.

And other users can vote.

99% sure you will need a custom built solution - potentially some kind of plugin to go within another theme as that is quite specific and unlikely to be found on a stock marketplace.

If you put it on then you should be able to find someone to build it for you


If you’re interested in custom job, you can drop me an email to discuss the details: