(Locked) Wordpress theme similar to 9gag

Hello i need a wordpress theme similar to 9gag.com
most important :

  1. users can upload an image as a post or any other method so other users can vote it and the most voted post gets to the frontpage

  2. have as as much is possible same look as 9gag + the fast thing they got
    3.facebook register login and comment

thats almost all :slight_smile:

I have something you might like contact me at bgaby88 at yahoo dot com for details

Anyone? is this hard? or at least anyone know a similar theme on themeforest?

Hi eluros,

The exact functionality you request might be hard to find, but should be easy to implement with the right plugins and a skillful developer to do it (we are talking about $35 themes, after all). :slight_smile:

The best place to find templates with similar layout is, of course, the Blog / Magazine category.

My personal favourite is Convergence, but you might find something that suits your needs better.

Good luck,


eluros said

Anyone? is this hard? or at least anyone know a similar theme on themeforest?

http://themeforest.net/item/me-gusta-userdriven-content-sharing-theme/570785 think this is what you are looking for.

MNKY thanks a lot for that…

It does have some similar function, but I wanted a few more added.

Is there a group of themeforest developer where I can hire to suit my needs?

I do not want to hire people from freelancer or odesk anymore… they do terrible work.

hey, wanna know the details of this project.
Can you please email me at leilaleilei.toruista@gmail.com
Im glad to accommodate. =)

hey ryzalyusoff could you contact me?


I need to ask you something about the 9gagclone