BuddyPress Theme with Customizable Posts and Frontend Submission

Hi, I’m looking for a BuddyPress theme and plugins that allow for the following:
Community groups and forums.
Admin able to create custom posts with custom fields and validation.
Admin able to create custom taxonomies based on the custom fields.
Members/subscribers able to create new posts/edit existing posts via the frontend.

So far I’ve found the BuddyPress plugin, which, at first glance is a bit disappointing. Nothing seems to work out of the box other than a few very basic features (using the Wordpress Twenty Nineteen theme). I downloaded the BuddyPress default theme, but that wasn’t much help either.

I’ve also found the Advanced Custom Fields plugin which allows for creating custom posts and frontend submission. It’s powerful but will involve quite a bit of coding to get things working.

I’ve found a ton of super interesting BuddyPress themes that I’d love to purchase, but none of them seem to address my requirement for custom posts with front end submission. I know there’s only so much one can expect from a theme, but perhaps there’s some magic combination of theme and plugins that will help me expedite this project?

I’m a developer, but new to WordPress. Any help would be much appreciated.