Blogging Theme Where users Can submit Their own Posts

Greetings everyone,

I’ve been looking for this and decided to ask if the forum could help get me pointed in the right direction. I am looking for a WordPress theme that will allow me as well as the members of my site to post as well.
Tried this theme called JNEWS which is very good however when it comes to members posting the text area is quite limited. You can change much nor even use basic HTML tags to format content.

Someone with zero html knowledge would have a hard time using this.

Question is, anyone know of some good theme ideas for what im trying to accomplish?

Not entirely sure about the best turned but there’s numerous ways to do it that would allow you to use any theme you wanted and give you much more choice.

Eg Capture User Generated Content With A WordPress Form (Easy Setup!) using WP forms is a simple and effective way to do it

Otherwise a plugin like this User Submitted Posts – Enable Users to Submit Posts from the Front End – WordPress plugin |

Make sure the plugins are compatible with the themes, if the theme itself has its own “submission system” could be a problem to use them both together.

Appreciate the response…

Hey Guys,

@charlie4282 and @ki-themes I was able to use wpforms for this.
Thanks for the info.