Wordpress BuddyPress Theme with Built-In front end forms for User Generated Content

Does anyone know of a Wordpress Buddypress theme that doesn’t require using third party plugins to add front end forms for users to post/contribute articles? I’ve bought a couple off here only to find out that the content posted in the demos requires another plugin to allow users to post on the front end. Perhaps it’s easy and it’s just over my head, but I still had trouble integrating them, so I was hoping for an all in one theme that actually offered this option.

There should be an explanation on the item description part that you may need to purchase/use another extension. If there’s no explanation and the theme requires one, you can ask a refund from the author

Thanks @ki-themes. These are older purchases, so it’s probably too late now, but I don’t remember ever seeing anything about that in the descriptions either. I’ll have to go back and look out of curiosity. There are some free front end plugins available too, but I thought having to integrate another plugin to get the demo look (for a non-admin contributor with no back end access) was still kind of a bummer.

Some of the authors using here additional plugins on the demo site but if it’s not provided within the files, they are informing the buyers to purchase their own copy for the features offered