Looking for Audio Mastering Company

I’m looking for a good, reliable, and affordable mastering company that won’t break the bank and that isn’t a teenager using maximizer in his bedroom. For my last album, I used neptuneaudiolab.com They were amazing quality and all but they’re $45 a song. I’m looking for something a little bit cheaper but the same professional quality. Any suggestions?

You get what you pay for. $45-$100 per track is about right, depending on whether its being stem mastered or not.

Check out Roessler Mastering Studios they might be in your budget range. You can contact them for an offer too.

Yeah I honestly wouldn’t go cheaper than that. Any cheaper is just a kid in his room throwing on an Ozone preset which you could do to get the same result.

In fact I would just learn to master your own work I were you. I think you’ll find that it’s more about having a good mix and then the mastering part is pretty easy. I know people will say it’s nice to have a fresh set of ears master your work, which I get, but I’ve done both and honestly paying someone to master it just isn’t worth it to me anymore. I went with Chris Graham mastering and he didn’t do anything I couldn’t figure out myself.