Do you master tracks for Audio Jungle? Help!

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I’m a newbie out here and trying to get my first track on AJ approved. I’ve noted some authors talk about various mastering software/platforms, and I’m confused. Per my reading for authors on AJ, I thought they wanted ZERO mastering, including compression. Am I wrong? I’m currently working old school - analogue board into digital recorder, no compression, just straight DAT takes at -1 level.

Help, help, help.

Don’t know where you read that, but of course you can (and probably should) master your tracks, at the very least to control the loudness.

Here brother. Enjoy

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You mean volume? Isn’t the point to just create the best track without breaking? And mastering does so much more than simply control volume! What about using music in larger projects, like films? Anything above a YouTube video will be run thru specific filtering and mastering for the entire piece. By pre-masterting a track you risk all sorts of pops and problems. So don’t you want the cleanest ‘raw’ track possible and allow buyers to add the compressions and filters they specifically want for their final project? Or am I just expecting too much from the buyers?

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Mmm. Looks like something thru a computer; and I’m not willing to pony up €200 to find out. I don’t write on a computer - I’m in a studio. I can get my stuff mastered, but that’s extra cash out.

If you qanna do an analogue mastering follow the digital 7 steps with the similar harware in your studio. Iock it on -0.1 or - 0.03 and you are good to go.

All I’m saying is that you can indeed master your track, as the vast majority of authors here do.

You are right that depending on usage, the sound quality could be degraded by further post treatments. You could put an additional “raw” version in the zip file as a solution.

The thing is, perceived loudness is a determinant factor on how well a track is received by the audience. Any track that has a significant lower loudness would sound weak and uninteresting to potential buyers, compared to a similar track with greater loudness.

In such a competitive market as AJ, the loudness war cannot be completely ignored. It’s up to you to find the right balance between a clean sound with rich dynamics and a master loud enough to make buyers click on the purchase button.

I understand what you’re saying, but what’s with these new EBU recommendations. LUFS of -23. I’m currently in the process of mastering and am using WLS by Waves for metering, Don’t know really what kind of levels to aim for. Hate the loudness wars, though. People should get a bit more educated… if you want it louder, turn the f…ing volume up, right?

My favourite mastering tutorial ever … :slight_smile: