Mix/Master Service

I wrote many tracks for AJ and they’ve got rejected. I think the reason is mixing/mastering. i am not great at that.
So i want to try online mix/master services and can you suggest some good options?
Did you ever use online services?

You’d probably be better off taking some time to work on your own skills. Why spend money on other services when with a little bit of time and practice, you can do it all yourself? :slight_smile:

That said, I’m sure there are plenty of authors on here that would be willing to give it a go for you. :wink:


Yeah but I tried and it seems tracks don’t meet AJ requirements. I know that songs/melodies are good but production is bad. And i don’t have good equipment for mixing. So I want to try online service one time.
Or maybe some AJ author can mix and master my track and I will pay.

I’ll do one for you for free. Send me an email through my profile page and I’ll see what I can do.


Hi @Skyny. In my opinion now on the Internet (for example: on YouTube) there is a lot of video material for creating music, mixing and so on. But then of course you need a desire to see everything, to understand incomprehensible questions. Many authors take years to do this. Of course, you can cooperate with any authors for money (or even with expensive studios), but I think it’s better to learn everything myself.

If I’m not mistaken, I’ve seen such a service LANDR - online mix for money (there seems to be only mastering). I have never used it, but you can search in google.

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Yeah i know LANDR but that’s mastering only. I searched some services but i wanted to know if somebody has ever used one.

Wow thanks. You are great. You need stems right?

It’s not that hard to learn the basics. Youtube is full of tutorials. Just take your time and practice more.
Most important part is to have a listening skill imo. You can do it.

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I know a little of mixing and mastering. I have 13 tracks on AJ but today quality standard is too high.

Yep, I’ll need the stems. Send me a message from the box on my profile page (we’re not allowed to post emails here): https://audiojungle.net/user/aurusaudio and I’ll reply back. Then you’ll get my email address, which you can send me the files to via a transfer service - I recommend WeTransfer. Just export each track individually without any effects or plugins applied, then package them all in a zip.

Thanks. Will contact.

And how do you know you are being rejected because of mixing/mastering issues?

I think that is the problem. And almost always they say that mixing quality is not good.

Great offer you got from Aurus !
In my opinion there’s no shortcut. The online tools are not good enough (too general). You can do a better job yourself, but it takes some time to learn. Lots of tutorials/articles available online. Start with a basic one.
Maybe you can ask Aurus what he did with your tracks to get it right?

Wow, this is the best offer i’ve ever seen! Getting your song mixed by one of the best producers in the jungle! I’ll be really interested to hear the results!

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WAW! It is very nice from you. I wish you both the best :slight_smile:

Hi! :grin:

I see you are very kind :blush: I would have a few questions for the moderator.
Could you let me please know if i could for a project i got rejected to resend it wish changes to the quality to the sound. even though in the email it says that i am not to resend projects i sent already and is there reference video or tutorial based on which i could base my project?
Thanks :grin:

I would love to hear both mixes from both authors…and then everyone compare and discuss!

My mix was horrible. I deleted it. Aurus’s mix is great but it got rejected. I did minor changes and uploaded again. Let’s see what happens.
I will upload here after it will be accepted or rejected.

You can resend as long as you have made significant changes to the track :slight_smile: