Have you tried mastering with LANDR ?

Hi, this is not a paid commercial (as you can see no affiliation link etc) :smile: I just wanted to share with you guys this because its helpful. I’m talking about LANDR “mastering-robot” on the web: www.landr.com . I’ve been using it for a while now and it works absolutely great! Spares a lot of time when you don’t have to worry about mastering anymore… Try it out and tell me what ya think!

I’ve used it. It’s a quick process and has saved me some time on recent smaller projects.

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Hm…i think it’s very strange idea, because, more important than mastering - arrangement. Make a bad arrangement and mastering you will not need. But it’s part is more continuously (long-lasting) by time than mastering.

Oh, yes…you give someone your tracks for free:)


Honestly i don’t see how possibly it could work. Probably a guy just run it trough Ozone and that’s it

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Yes I doubted it first also, but when I tested it with couple of free mp3:s it really impressed me…

@MetroMusic I’ve understood that it works with certain algorithms that detect the songs tempo, then creates compression for it, analyzes frequencies and then cuts and boosts those, I think it also adds analog warmth to the mix somehow and spreads stereo image.

@Synthezx I guess their idea is to make this kind of mastering part of your workflow, you mix - then check how it sounds mastered with LANDR, then make some changes and master again… Works pretty good that way - so it’s unlimited masterings with monthly price, pretty good idea.

There’s three options how loud you can master it also, just tried the loudest with rock mix and it’s pretty good. I’ve noticed it can distort easily if the mix is based on low/low-mid frequencies only.

Tried it, and thought the result was nice but not great.
And wat @Synthezx says: what happens with your uploaded track??

@AASMusicWorks Good question, they state that they respect your privacy and never share your uploaded tracks. But I guess they can use the songs for somekind of data or music analysis, so there can be a catch of course, haven’t thought about that but I’m not really concerned.

Each track requires individual approach, so how can you entrust the mastering of your tracks to some presets? LANDR just makes your tracks louder and brighter, something you can do yourself for free.

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Exactly. Different tracks require different mastering techniques. Some will sound suitable with buss compression, maximised volume, enhanced high-end, while others would benefit from a less drastic approach. Services like these will just apply a simple preset to the mix which essentially would brighten up the high-end, maybe boost the bass a little and make the track louder. It’s better to do it manually.

Yes I know… and I’ve used pro mastering engineers for my work before. Of course its not the same as real human with ears, and of course its coded to achieve certain results. But just try, make your own master and then compare it with Landr master. It isnt a preset but an algorithm that adjusts to the track, and by changing the mix you can change the end result. If you make better masters yourself, then great - if not, then its worth using.