E-mixing & E-mastering?


I just wondered if anyone here writes but farms out to others to mix & master…
to allow more time for composing & recording?

Is it worth it?


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I can’t imagine it would be worth the cost of paying someone else to mix/master unless you know that track will make money, and there’s never any guarantee a track will sell here. Interested to hear if anyone does this though!

Thanks for the reply…

It’s just about delegating work… but it must pay off.

When you’re writing and uploading tracks every day, the mixing just becomes part of the writing process, always tweaking as you go. For me personally, delegating out the mixing and mastering to someone else would actually slow down my workflow.


I think it make sense only when you work on a jarge project with big budget.
So you can concentrate more on composing and arrangement while another person will do the final mix
But,for audiojungle it’s a bad strategy,because you can make track for 3 days,send it to mix engineer, pay some money and after that you could get hard reject or 0-2 sales.

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Hey :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t3:

I think it’s very interestiong question. I’m agree with CycleProdustion and just wanna add something from myself.
I think if you want to delegate a part of your work, you can buy the rights from the authors whose music you like and you think it would being selling. But you should ensure that it’s not a violation of rules and policies of Envato.

Cheers :call_me_hand:t3:!