Looking for a Woocommerce theme or plugin....

Hi, we are designing a new website for our organic buyers group, we have about 100 members, 5 different distribution points and 26 producers. At present we are using woo-commerce 2.5.5 , we take members orders every week up to Monday evening, we then manually sort out the different items ordered by members to create orders for producers which are submitted on Tuesdays. We would like to purchase a plugin or a theme that can export members orders into orders for producers, so we would like to know if a multi vendor theme like ShopMe - Woocommerce WordPress can do the job for us. Just to give an example if member Nr.1 orders cheese (from producer A), cabbage( from B) an bread (from C); Member Nr. 2 apples (D), salad (B), Member Nr. 3 flour © yogurt (A), we would need to export four orders to producers: A (Cheese , Yogurt) – B (Cabbage, Salad) – C (Bread , Flour) – D (Apples)


You still need this?

Yes I do, any useful hints?

I can develop a solution for this. A plugin :slight_smile:

You can add me on skype bhagwant.banger
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