Need a plugin developed

This is for Wordpress with woocommerce.

We need a plugin for wholesale use. Here is how we would like it to work:

A shortcode can be put on a page to create a distributor dashboard login box/screen. Once the user logs in, they can see some downloads at the top of the page and are able to download it. They also see a list of items that are available for wholesale. Next each item on the list there is a “quantity” dropdown box. 10 items, 25, 50, etc. When a user selects say 10 items, the column to the right of the dropdown shows X% savings. If they choose say 50 quantity, it would show a different % savings.

Then after they check off the items they want and the quantity, they submit the order and a notification displays on the page something like “Thanks for the order! A representative will be in touch to calculate and arrange shipping”

The backend of the dashboard should show 2 tables.

  1. List of wholesalers/users/their website/location/maybe some stats of order history/
  2. Pending orders that are awaiting approval/shipment.

For pending orders, the representative adds the shipping and then marks the order complete. Wholesale orders should behave and show up just like regular woocommerce orders. Only difference is they aren’t run through paypal/payment gateway and shipping is added by a representative.

If anyone is interested in making this plugin, please let me know and the cost/time it would take. We can also create the graphic design to show exactly what it should look/feel like.

Please send the design.


Just contacted you via e-mail. Happy to help if you are still looking for a developer.