Ecommerce consumer website to include a wholesale log in section

Hi, I am looking for a simple ecommerce website to initally sell under 10 products with the hope of future growth. I aim to sell to the consumer but also I’ll need the capability to add a wholesale log in section for wholesale customers also, e.g: a plug in? I understand bringing consumer and wholesale all under one roof could be complicated but I’m looking to do this in a simple way. I’d like to be given a few suggestions of ecommerce wordpress templates that you can achieve this dual aim. Please assist. Many thanks


Hello Steve,

I don’t understand this part “I’ll need the capability to add a wholesale log in section for wholesale customers also, e.g: a plug in?”.
You want to sell and digital and physical item on your site or…?

You can make that with Woocommerce without any problems.

Hi Zaccc,

I essentially need an commerce website that I can display products to sell retail to consumers. However rather than setting up a separate site for wholesale customers, I’d like to incorporate a section of the site that will allow wholesale customers to log in and order separately. I am not sure how to do this. I was hoping someone could advise on the most appropriate website theme that can allow a wholesale section added onto a consumer facing website i.e.: Trade section (with different pricing). Would a ‘wholesale’ plug in be best for this or something else? I mentioned a ‘plug in’ as a possible example.

I hope that has made things clearer.


Yes, I’d be selling physical items for mail order to both consumer and wholesaler. The wholesale aspect will need a separate area.


You can put 2 different groups one is consumer and second wholesaler. And you will put clients in one of that 2 group. And they will see different price for same item.
That is best solution about prices.

Thank you Zaccc, Could you please recommend which wordpress templates would be best for this?


You can use what ever template you want . It must support Woocommerce. And you will need some custom code

I need an ecommerce template for my website:

Any recommendations? Would prefer with woocomerce. Thanks.

enfold template