Which Plugin Can Be a Replacement for "WooCommerce Wholesale Pricing Plugin"

We have two sets of prices on our website [link removed]; retail and wholesale. Everybody can see retail prices without registering. We just want only the wholesale registered customers to see the wholesale prices and after registering themselves and we approve them, they can log in and do their shopping without paying. This all we would like this plugin to do. We do not need shipping calculator or tax etc. We get their order in our email, make an invoice with shipping cost and after they approve the invoice, they make us the payment then. Retail order can pay when they order. This is okay.

We had been using the WooCommerce Wholesale Pricing and Specific checkout for wholesale customers

After the Wordpress update, I think WooCommerce Wholesale Pricing is not doing well so we have to replace it. Which plugin would you recommend?

I will appreciate your advice.
Thank you,

you can try these amazing alternatives to wocommerce

  1. Wp ecommerce
  2. Market Press Pro
    3 Jogo shop
    4 cart 66
    5 the trends

Try any of these, all have their own benefits.

Thank you very much John. I will ask the web developer to look into these plugins. I appreciate your help.
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