Looking for a Good Web designer for partnership to build a WordPress Theme

Hi, Im Nishat and i’m looking for a good web designer who know’s how to design WordPress theme for themeforest.

You just have to design the theme and i’ll take care for the rest for example the coding and marketing work, but remember you must know how to design it for themeforest and all its quality standard policies to get approved.

and for that i’m willing to share 30% of every sale. You can also get 50% if you are ready to put money in marketing with me.

Thank You,

That’s quite a generous %?

Presumably you are going to conduct all of the support and updates?

What happens to all the items on your profile - you’ve had almost 900 sales but your portfolio is empty?

yes, i will take care for the supports and updates but designer must provide design updates if needed, i used to sell html themes, and i have to remove them because of themforest exclusivity terms. i’ve been selling them from other places too.