Looking for partnership with web-developer

I’m web-designer with big experience.
My portfolio: https://www.behance.net/sabosugirov

I’m looking partnership with web-developer for collaborating create WordPress themes.
Need a partner who is already selling on ThemeForest !


That’s a very cool portfolio!
Make sure to partner with somebody really experienced, with great track record of user ratings, updates who can create a theme up to the latest standards. It would be shame to butcher great designs like that by an incompetent developer. Good luck!

@LSVRthemes Thank you ) Ok, your tips is priceless.

I am also looking for a designer for WordPress Theme. I worked for some reputed theme agency. I ended my job and now I am doing it myself. So, if I get great and creative design, I can build high sell item.
Do you have any portfolio / design in themeforest like psd / ui design ?

@micro_theme I replied to you with inbox message.

You can contact me via profile page on Themeforest

@imithemes, thank you. I sent a message.