Looking for webdesigner for partnership


I’m looking for an experienced webdesigner to establish a partnership with.
I want to make a multi-purpose WordPress theme.

If you interested, please show me your approved PSD template and contact me.

My recently approved WordPress theme:

Here is mine:

am looking for WP developer check out the items on here

if you like any shoot me an email

I have 3 html templates ready to convert to WP. I have been in TF for more than 3 years now. Check my profile to see my design quality.
Just send me a DM if you still need a partner.

Thank you for apply.

I still looking for a webdesigner, with whom I can work together on a new WP theme.


Can you send me you offer on mail (if this is still active)?

I mean:

  • who will be the item owner (will be item uploaded on my or your account)
  • how we will share the profits (%)
  • who will provide support and updates

Of course, you can check first my profile to see what kind of themes we are creating (they are generally minimal/light themes) and if you are ok to create that kind of themes, maybe we can collaborate.