[PARTNERSHIP] - Looking for Designer for WordPress theme collaboration

Hi folks!

I’m ThemeForest author since 2010 and since then I’ve only submitted 6 items here on ThemeForest (2 items with 500+ sales) but now I’m seriously considering partnership with a designer for WordPress theme conversion. I’ve got plenty of skills and experience in Front-End and WordPress development in general.


I’m interested in a very specific niche (Portfolio + Blog) or (Blog Only) designs. A good example of what type of designs I’m looking for could be seen here:

I would prefer minimal niche specific designs which do not require any page builder.


  • WordPress theme will be sold under my account.
  • I would be responsible for WordPress theme conversion + documentation + support + Getting the code approved.
  • You’ll be responsible for Template Design + Items Assets (item preview image, thumbnail etc) + Presentational Assets (e.g. image + video placeholders for demo) + Getting the design approved.
  • Profit ratio would be decided on case to case basis.
  • We should be able to start working on it immediately.
  • Other conditions may be discussed via email.

If you are interested, please email me through my profile page and we can discuss the details on a case by case basis.

Thanks and cheers,
Muhammad Faisal

Faisal, Please check your inbox


contact us on skype : webstrot have an offer for you . :smiley:

I’m still taking the offers, please do share your designs (as per my requirement) while contacting me.

Can u please elaborate more about the partnership ratio??

Profit ratio would be decided on case to case basis.

Again looking for the designer.