Looking for designers to collaborate with on Wordpress themes


I am a web developer and I’ve developed many custom wordpress themes using HTML designs.

I would like to collaborate with experienced web designers so I can turn the design you make into a functioning Wordpress theme so we can sell it on themeforest.

We’ll split it 50/50

Please contact me

Do you have contact email or skype? We could discuss it more detail…

I have sent you an email, please provide me with a link to your design themes.

I be interested to collaborate inbox me

Are still looking for designers? here is our portfolio https://themeforest.net/user/ambidextrousbd


You can contact me here:

Hi you can contact me on Skype: themedune

I am into developing and designing Mobile Apps.
Profile link: https://graphicriver.net/user/opuslabsin

I am looking for collaboration, I can design and develop the mobile apps for your themes.

We can connect over Skype for faster communication, my skype is: prashant4630

I have 3 html templates ready to convert to WP. I have been in TF for more than 3 years now. Check my profile to see my high quality.
Just send me a DM if you still need a partner.