Logo rejected "It isn't at the quality standard required to move forward"

Hi everyone, please give me the reason my logo was rejected? May be it have problem with my file or something ?
prev|228x500 ?

Reject is because of low quality in design,
Typography, idea of design.

You need to make better in design and to choose better font.

Sorry, but this is mean of that msg :(.
Good luck for your next projects and hope to be accepted from first time

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hi i think that there are several issues for u to take into account that are explaining the rejection indeed

1- typo
this is too flat … too basic, failing to include variations and font combinations enough at this stage …

2- concept
i think that the initial idea is not bad, though with the way u materialized it this far the concept is sort of not strong enough yet

3- flatness of the illustration
if the illustration is rather cool and original, indeed, this is still a bit lacking relief actually and pushing the envelope a little bit more would help to bring your item to the next level in terms of creativity

4- hierarchy
this is not yet convincing this side, probably because of the combination of all the things that i mentioned here

5- presentation
this is a bit dull if u ask me … this would be great if you could see color touches here and there , it will increase the impact of your item

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