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Can I use vector or a logo to create a logo design for a customer with the Regular License… one project for one customer…


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1 regular license = 1 customer , that is correct! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the quick response :slight_smile:

My pleasure! Cheers! :slight_smile:

What enabled said, but keep in mind that you can’t use standard vectors (or other elements from the Envato Marketplace) in the creation of a logo… you can only use items from the logo templates category.

So… if I want to make a logo I can use elements only from the logo vectros. … OK I didn’t know that… why is that please… For example if I want to use a spiral vector to make a logo why I can’t… And then only if the spiral is from a logo… can you please inform me about this? Thank you

Logo templates have slightly different licenses than other content on Graphic River, and before Author Driven pricing was introduced, that was reflected in the price. You might pay $2 for a vector spiral, but it would be about $29 for a logo that contains a spiral. But that difference in price allows you to use the finished logo anywhere and everywhere, as many times as you need. The license for vectors doesn’t allow such comprehensive use.

I see… OK then … only from the logo vectros template to make a logo for a customer … thank you all for your help!!!

One more question please… if you buy a logo from the logo template can you make it trademark? If not what I have to do so I can make it trademark… EU.

Thank you

This is a tricky question! @KingDog can you shed some information on this?

I can help here I think :grin:

From the FAQs:

####I have customized a logo for a client, can they trademark the logo?

No. The specific nature of non-exclusive stock Logo Licenses does not allow anyone to claim an exclusive right to use the logo template or final logo. This includes not applying to trademark their final logo.

Unfortunately since that’s due the license terms, you would need to get your logo from a place where they allow you to trademark the logo. Maybe hire a freelancer?


Thanks for finding that mate! :slight_smile:

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thank you :slight_smile:

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