GraphicRiver Logo License


Can I use Logo from GraphicRiver in my theme, that I will sell on ThemeForest?
License says that:

Single, non-exclusive logo (used in unlimited ways). The total price includes the item price and a buyer fee.

But I need to be sure, before I purchase it.
I tried to ask author about this, but he doesn’t respond.



Once you’ve used the template to create a logo, you can then pretty much use that logo any way you like, and multiple times. You can include it in item previews, on your profile page, in logo stings at the beginning of videos etc etc. You can’t include the source files in your main file, but I can’t see any issue with including a relatively small resolution jpg or png version of the logo you’ve created in the main file download.


Thanks for your reply.
And can I use patterns, bought with extended license on GraphicRiver in same way?


That’s slightly different. You can use them in your preview with a regular license, but you need to have an extended license and permission from the author if you’re going to include it in your item.