about license..

Hi everybody… I want to purchase a logo from the graphic river and I want just use it as my presentation preview and not distribute it, may I use it several times by having a regular license, I want to use it in my projects presentations only?

Do I need a new license each time I use my logo created from a logo template?

No. You only need one license for each unique logo that you create. That is the end product, which you can then use in unlimited ways. Remember that you need a new license for each finished logo that you create.

Hope this will help you to understand.


Thanks for the reply, but I Actually meant using the logo I buy in several projects, VIDEO PREVIEWS…!
For example, I’m making 3 logos in a pack and I’m using this logo I bought, in their video previews only.
Now can I use this again in another pack I create, again only for video preview?
thanks in advance


You have to purchase new/individual license for each unique logo. So, if you create 3 logos which are unique then you have to purchase 3 licenses.

you can then use the logo in unlimited ways for your personal use mean you can’t redistribute/resale.
you will get information about license here: