Vector License for social media branding

I’m Audiojungle author and i have a License question about Graphicriver market. I want to buy one of vector item. I want to use it for my social media branding. It will be YouTube banner and icon, Instagram icon, SoundCloud banner and icon. All design work i will do for myself. So, should i bought Regular License for each specific site, or one Regular License for banner product and one for icon? Or just one Regular License is enough?

hi as long as u do not want to make sure that u are the only person to use it , normally u only need a regular licence as for i know …

okay, thank you


Thanks for asking your question at Envato forum.

take a look on this article about GraphicRever license.

Regular License

Licenses overview

License FAQ


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You will be very happy to know about License FAQ from here: LIcense Faq

Or you can contact the Author to know more from them