Question Product Licenses

I bought some images of “heroes” for a game. I use those images for the character’s equipable items. I currently have an online store where I sell items from the game that have the image I purchased from GraphicRiver.

Can I sell my products looking like the image?
*Note: I do not sell the image, I do not sell any licenses. I only sell the game item which looks with the purchased image on envato.

Hello @pixelfactoryes

If the user must pay to use/see the end product you’ve created using the items for Graphic River, then you need an extended license.

I’m afraid I don’t understand your situation very well but I think you’ll find the answer below:

Which license do I need for an end product that is free, but has parts some users need to pay to access or make use of?

If the item is used within the free part, the Regular License if fine. If the item is used in a part that requires payment to access or make use of, you need the Extended License.

Example: If you were using a 3d model of a sword for a game and you could only get the sword by buying it, you’d need the Extended License. If it was the starting weapon that even non-paying users could use, all you’d need is the Regular License. If your website requires money (whether upfront or a revenue share) from some or all users in order to use or access the item features as incorporated into the site, you’d need the Extended License. Please note that payment for a service or product that is separate from the item or website does not require the Extended License.

You can read more about licenses here:

Okay, then I need the extended license.
In case I have paid for the normal license, is the economic (price) difference between the two calculated or discounted? do I have to buy it all over again?

Normally you should contact the author of the item and tell them about this situation. They should give you a refund for the regular license and you should buy the extended one.

In case the author doesn’t respond or doesn’t want to help you with this issue, then please contact the Envato Support team here → Envato Market Help and Support :blush: