Does a standard license work, if your end-product has a microtransaction shop?

The licensing information is very ambiguous and confusing, to the point where I am not going to purchase anything unless I get 100% clarification from envato / graphic river. I really hope it gets a re-haul and is written with far more explicitness.

I’m creating a free online aRPG that will also have a microtransaction shop. The shop will not contain any textures/assets from graphic river. However, I do want to use this asset for the main character of game (obtained for free when you download the game):

A couple questions:

  • Will I need a regular or extended license?
  • The licensing page says “Use in a free end product”, however, on my website, the characters will be shown next to their posts. That’s technically 2 end products, a website, and an executable. Even if I were to buy the extended version, it would be a violation since the extended version only supports 1 end-product. What’s the next step for this issue?

To my knowledge, you will be able to use this character for your game, and show him on your website since it’s associated with the game. Since the game is free, the Regular License will be ok, as long as users will continue to be able to use the character for free forever. However, you would need to buy another license if you made a sequel to the game (or an unrelated one) using the same character.

If you were to sell the game, or offer the character as a microtransaction, you would then need to buy the Extended License. Though even then you’d likely make that money back very quickly.

I agree that the licensing can be a little confusing, and is often fairly situational and item specific. Even here on Envato, different categories have different types of licenses. In most cases, the licensing is in place to protect against reselling of items, and overusing them.

I would recommend contacting Envato Support about this, that way you know you’ll be getting a correct answer specific to your situation.

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Thanks for some insight, it’s greatly appreciated.

I really wish they would make a public announcement / update the licensing page itself regarding these issues. I’ve seen it on numerous message boards over the years, most recently on reddit. IMHO, this should all be public and transparent and not be hidden behind private emails, because the artists who sell these great assets are being hindered (new game developers are uncertain). I would have bought numerous assets already

I think they did update it a few years ago, but yes, it should be more clear, though licensing has always been a confusing mess in general everywhere.

The vast majority of buyers usually don’t have to worry about licensing, as the regular license covers most general uses that one would want to use the item for. If you buy an item and feel a bit shady for using it the way you plan to, then you probably shouldn’t use it that way, but if your using it in a way that the item was made for, then you’re probably totally fine.

Though like I said, contact support and they’ll give you the exact answer you need. You can then share that answer here and other places such as Reddit.

Was thinking of exactly this :P. As of right now, I feel like I would violate the terms as it’s essentially 2 end-products (the game executable, and the website). Which IMO violates the “one end-product” condition, even under the extended license. I’m going to hold off for now and/or contact them through email. In any event, it feels wrong to purchase it. I like gamedevmarket’s licensing much better.

Fair enough, though I’m pretty sure it would be okay to use on both the website and game. If you decide to email, make sure you contact Envato Support and not the author, the author likely won’t know the full details in this case.

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I’ve emailed them but it’s been almost a week :/. Do you know how long it usually takes?