A Buyer needs help on licensing for Graphicriver item


I want to buy a Game Asset from Graphicriver. I tried to find answer in forum but failed. Sent ticket to support, but no reply. My situation

  1. Buy a game asset and heavily customize it. The customized game assets will be used to make a game. And the game will be released on Android and IOS. So do I need 2 licenses for this situation (assuming its Regular license)?
  2. The game will be free but with ads supported and IAP (in-app-purchase). The IAP is completely optional; players not obliged to buy items (example Lives), and the items can be obtained freely by completing missions for example or wait till certain time. So do i need the Extended License or Regular?

Thanks for any help.


I;d say that was an extended license. AS for one license for iOS and one for Android… that’s a good question. Not sure about that one. One one hand, it is two different products, but on the other, it;s just one game. I mean, would you need four different licenses if you made a t-shirt and sold it in small, medium, large and extra large? I’d double check that one, but the in-app purchase part would make it an extended license.


Thank you for your reply. Looks like i have to wait for support to response.


hi, maybe u should try to contact the help center for this type of issue , they should be able to help you …