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I just purchased a template for my Client - file size is 18mb and the download is just 32kb/s (i have 3MB/s download speed) what’s going on? Is this temporary?


It’s ok i finish the job, it’s maybe Amazon overload… What’s interesting is when you download your own items, download speed is much faster.


Again same problem :frowning: file over 700mb downloading 134kb/s - Estimated download time about 1h 32 minutes.


Some for me!!! 27 KB/s whats up Videohive???


Me tooooo!!! Themeforest is ok, so is audio jungle. It’s just Videohive letting the side down. :notfunny:


got the same issue… /;


Same here highly annoying getting only 15kb/s!! :frowning:

Moby786 said

Same here highly annoying getting only 15kb/s!! :frowning:

It happens from time to time


I just DL’d one of my files and it was perfect speed. 2mb/s

Maybe its just temporary sometime…


I’m averaging 40KB/sec now!..It takes 30 minutes to 3 hours to download files now…Very disappointing and not very efficient.

I jumped on to grab a file to help with a design that I wanted to get out the door today, but I won’t be able to finish the design until tomorrow with these d/l speeds.

Has anyone found a descent download tool that will speed this issue up. Adding connections in the browser isn’t helping.


p.s. Sorry for the blah post!..normally I love Envato…I’m just stuck here with 2 hours and 4 minutes to kill while I wait for my monitor mock-up to download! :crying:



I have a 60Mbps connection…I started my download of a GraphicRiver Monitor Mock-up file at 11:36am and it finished just after 4:00pm. The download averaged 40KB/sec. If there is anything I can do to speed that up, please let me know.


Heya Sean. I know you’re not going to want to hear “it’s your connection” as the answer, particularly if your downloads are OK from other sites, but our servers process downloads a lot faster than 40KB/sec, so there’s definitely something weird going on.

Have you tried a different connection? Or a different computer? I have a crappy satellite connection and it’s about 25 min for me to download. As a fellow sufferer with bad and strange Internet connection issues, you certainly have my sympathy :slight_smile: There’s no way it should take that long.


The connection, is never direct, your computer is not plugged directly into amazon server.

It needs to pass over several intermediate servers. Usually a dozen of them.

Some time you may get a bad one in between that throttles the connection. If you are really unlucky that server may be near you and is often used to create the link between you and the server you want to download from.

Not sure it helps in this specific case but one can give it a try. Use Google Open DNS servers instead of those your internet provider give you by default:

I had a similar problem before changing to the DNS from google: Quite often and random certain “parts” of internet will go slow or would be impossible to reach. For example italian websites that had servers in Italy would work perfect. US websites would be unreachable or very, very slow:

Moved on Google DNS. Problem solved.


I was having the same issue as the others but doru’s post solved the issue.

With my connection speed (75/35 Mbps), the theme that I was downloading should have taken around 30 seconds, but I was only getting between 50 - 100 Kbps, so it was estimated to take over 30 minutes!

After finding this thread, I updated my DNS to Google’s public DNS :,

That did the trick. After restarting the download, it completed in under 30 seconds downloading at speeds over 4 mbps.

Thank you for the tip doru :slight_smile:


I changed the DNS to Google DNS, but still same speeds.
Downloads from other websites sites average 1-2 Mbps depending upon their server.

I have 20Mbps connection and download speeds never get above 130kbps.
Always had slow speeds for all my videohive downloads.


I Had the same problem today, switched from Chrome to Firefox (just for the download) solved for me .


10 Minutes for 4,3 MB ?!?!?!?!??!
Hope the Theme isn`t that slow :stress: :stress: :stress:


Downloading at 24kb/s here, the past week has been very slow from themeforest… Downloading a 160mb file atm and it’s going to take nearly 2 hours.

My home connection is 50/20 Mbps and all other downloads are fast compared to themetorest.


Same ~130kb/s here today - probably load balancing issues on AWS :expressionless:


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