SLOW DOWNLOAD SPEED (only at Envato) even on fast fiber connection...

Please Guys, Why am I having my downloads so slow?.. any other site that I try to download the speed is perfect, but ONLY at Envato Elements the downloads will ever pass 260kbps… it used to be more than 4 megabytes per second… please… I really need help, but there is no contact option at the mairn Envato website!!! HELP, PLEASE!!!



Please contact Elements Support. Elements Support Team will be happy to check.


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In the mean time, I’m pretty sure Envato Elements serves files using CloudFront which is a very reliable network from Amazon used by thousands of top websites.

What speeds do you get on this page?

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The same problem is back… please folks, HELP!!! PLEEEEEEEAAASEE!!!

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Hi! Check your internet with speedtest!

Also check your drivers!
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me too so slow :frowning:

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Same here…downloads start, then slow to a crawl. Sometimes they finish and sometimes they don’t. It’s very frustrating!

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They are always slow for me

however I have discovered that one chains in the dns from AWS to my pc would throttle back the speed. Somewhere high in the chain. So I flushed the dns on the connection and it downloaded at record speed. I will try it again next time this issue happens as it does all the time.

Here is how to flush dns on Windows
Open Command Prompt as Admin
In the search bar on your taskbar type in CMD

Once open type the following
ipconfig /flushdns

after that type
ipconfig /release

then the final
ipconfig /renew

Your connection will reset and then go and try your download again. Worked perfect for me.


I’m also facing the same low speed issue here. Especially on mobile. So please help.

Thank you so much!!

I have the same problem for a few weeks, a 38Mb file took me 5min!!! and I have a 200mbps speed