SLOW DOWNLOAD SPEED (only at Envato) even on fast fiber connection...

Please Guys, Why am I having my downloads so slow?.. any other site that I try to download the speed is perfect, but ONLY at Envato Elements the downloads will ever pass 260kbps… it used to be more than 4 megabytes per second… please… I really need help, but there is no contact option at the mairn Envato website!!! HELP, PLEASE!!!



Please contact Elements Support. Elements Support Team will be happy to check.


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In the mean time, I’m pretty sure Envato Elements serves files using CloudFront which is a very reliable network from Amazon used by thousands of top websites.

What speeds do you get on this page?

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The same problem is back… please folks, HELP!!! PLEEEEEEEAAASEE!!!

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Hi! Check your internet with speedtest!

Also check your drivers!
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me too so slow :frowning:

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Same here…downloads start, then slow to a crawl. Sometimes they finish and sometimes they don’t. It’s very frustrating!