Download from Envato Elements is so slow


I have a net speed of 120 Mbps but the downloading is happening at just 120 Kbps. Add on, it gets canceled after 10 mins. This is making the site virtually unusable.

I have already raised a ticket yesterday but still have not received any response. The ticket number is 2389134.

A quick resolution is needed because our marketing campaign has been put on hold because of this issue.


How long have you been facing this issue?

As I can’t download a single video, does this mean that I paid $33 for nothing?

I download stock videos and they’re in GBs. Elements stops the download after every 10 mins. This means that I’ll never be able to download anything.

What’s worse? They’re not even replying to the tickets.

I don’t have subscription at Elements but you’re not the only one. There’re other cases at the forum