Locked Out of Account

Good bro, I have been working on your website for a long time, I have purchased two applications, and every time I pay by credit card. Used the same credit card and wanted to purchase the app from your fifty percent off service when I tried to purchase the payment failed. I tried twice I needed 17 dollars to buy the application 2 dollars required your fee I had 20 dollars in my account after trying twice my account was locked. I got a call just this morning from the developer I bought an application from telling me that I am removing your license miss from here. I want that money to go to the developer so that my license is not removed. And I have to buy new application also tell me any solution please help me and unlock my account. Try Open Ticket. Mail Recevid Hi Saad,

Unfortunately like all companies we have a number of internal policies in place which, for business reasons we do not divulge. After reviewing your application for service, we are unfortunately unable to re-enable your account.


There’s nothing you can do.

Contact your bank and dispute the payment. You may be able to get the refund, in some cases.