Account got locked after setting a small company

I purchased a code from here with extended license. And I trued setting up a small company for legal support. But after a few days i got a response in codecanyon website that my account is locked out.

I tried my level best to remember, what might have happened. The only thing I could remember thatis, few times my card got rejected when trying to make another purchase due to some limits in my online spend. Whether that might be the reason for the account lockout? I am completely clueless about what to do next. I have spend a good amount in purchase product fron envato, buy domain, purchase hosting plan, arrange sales team, hire marketing executives for demo and FAQ contents. Please guide how to solve this. as I dont wish to move ahead with this product without a licence because it will affect credibility of my company, eventhough it is a small firm, its going to be my entire money and effort. Please understand and respond.

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Keep Patience Till support team reply, they have a ticket queue they reply people one by one.