(Locked, Disabled) Discount coupon in themeforest

Hello. How can I use a discount coupon in themeforest? Thanks

I do not think they exist do they?

Yeah. http://www.retailmenot.com/view/themeforest.net

Ah these are promotions that envato run from time to time

They will show up at the top of the TF home page when they are available. Not really for discounts on templates though - more for promoting things like PhotoDune as an emerging network or increasing author commission rates. Hope this helps

Ok. Thanks you. I can´t see any form to enter the discount. I think that it lapsed. :slight_smile:

Yes it has - when they are available you just click the banner and off you go.

elpacow said

Ok. Thanks you. I can´t see any form to enter the discount. I think that it lapsed. :slight_smile:

It’s not a coupon! It was just a sale off for certain items, where you could receive 50% back just to buy more items… Envato doesn’t offer any kind of discounts and coupons…

I just purchased the hosting from a2 hosting and was wondering how I access the $75 envato market coupon you promised. Thanks

How can I use a coupon code I got from Envato staff?

Hey there!

watergate10 said

How can I use a coupon code I got from Envato staff?

Hmm, that’s odd! Unfortunately Envato Market doesn’t support Coupon Codes :frowning: . What I ask where you received the coupon code from?

If you could open a Support Ticket and let me know the ticket ID here, that would be awesome.

Thanks! :grin:


Here is the email from envato

"…Here’s the top three things you need to remember to redeem your coupon:

Enter your coupon code in the ‘promotional code’ field when you are placing your order

Pay with PayPal and $20 will be deducted from your order

Place your order before 11am, Wednesday 19 November 2014 (AEDT).
Check out the full T’s&C’s…"

The thing is there is no field to enter the code I got.
Or I can’t see it. And I guess I’m not the only one. Or I’m just too late. But in that case, you guys still have the promo banner on top of your page and it is not valid any more.


The same for me.

A paypal banner in top of the page offered me a 20$ discount. It emails me a code if i subscribed to envato newsletter


You are trying to use this for envato studio services and not to buy a file here right?

I have tried pasting the code to my paypal “Use PayPal gift certificates, rewards, or discounts”, it does not work. it says: “Please enter the correct redemption code. Codes are not case sensitive.”

Please update if anyone finds out solution for this.

I tried to use it buying a picture at photodune, but there is no promo code field.

It did not work at PAYPAL promo code.

That is because it is not a discount to buy files. It ONLY works when paying for services from envato studio http://studio.envato.com/

I would bet there is a redemption field when paying for these services (not on PayPal)

I see… but i think it was confusing info.

I didn´t know what envato studio was till now.

Just saying it with all my respect to fellow purchasers ; the prices here are already unbelievably cheap considering the hardWork, sweat and tears invested in them.

Kindest Regards,

Very misleading, indeed.

^ You’re right … Almost as misleading as an HTML template purchased instead of a WordPress theme :smiley: