(Locked) How do I apply a discount code?


Dear TF and community members,

This is my first time trying to buy something on TF. I want to buy a WP theme called OpenDoor and I found a TF 50% OFF discount code online, but while checking out I don’t see a field for entering discount code. In stead I come straightly across a “Pay now” button on the Paypal checkout page for the item.

Kindly help. I am suspicious that when I click the Pay Now the transaction will be completed. Or will I see the field for discount code after clicking Pay Now?


I have never heard of ThemeForest offering coupon codes. Are you sure the site from which you found the code was legitimate?

For example, I just searched for coupon codes for ThemeForest but all I found was coupon submissions from a scammer attempting to get referral commissions.



Here they are: https://www.google.com/search?q=themeforest+discount+code

I don’t know if they are legit or not. I simply Googled and there came several results for discount codes, including from RetailMeNot.com, which is a respectable source for discount coupon codes.

So no discounts on TF?


they’re not legit :slight_smile:


I’m pretty confident that ThemeForest does not offer discount codes, but for an official response you can contact Envato Support

Keep in mind that all those coupon sites are user-submitted content. So there are some people out there who will submit links to coupon sites with fake discount codes using their referral links in order to bait users into following those links and getting a referral commission. My guess is that that is what is happening here.