Locked account after purchasing a wordpress theme

Hello everyone,

Hopefully, I’ll find some help within the community for my problem.

I’ve purchased a theme on themeforest.net and downloaded complete documentation.
After I got a domain and hosting on namecheap.com and set up my website, I tried to upload a theme (theme name is Askka - candle business), once it requested the purchase code I was supposed to check my ‘downloads’ page on Envato profile. So when I got there, I just saw a message that my account is locked and no further explanation…

I’ve opened a ticket (ticket no. 2746323), yesterday a support officer sent me an email saying that he’ll look into my problem and that he needs to consult with his colleague, but I still not heard from them, and my account is still locked.

I am losing time and money and I have no idea why is this happening.

Did anyone have the same experience?

Thanks for any comment/advice on my problem,
Kind regards

Hi @novakovic263,

Please wait for the support team next reply. Hope they will come back to you with a helpful reply and your issue will be fixed.

Thanks for your patience

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Still no reply from the support team.
Can you check what is going on? I have no time to lose, please help asap