Live demo doesn't work for reviewers, what do I do?

Hello again, The demo doesn’t work on a quarantined item in the codecanyon, does it? because codecanyon uses iframe.

The state of the item itself doesn’t matter at all here – the problem is that the live demo is un-iframeable when it has the X-Frame-Options header set. The two tests I used (using curl and the browser inspector) both test against your live preview directly, notice they’re not hitting CodeCanyon at all. Once you get that header removed, you can then resubmit your item. At that point, the reviewer should be able to see it.

Regarding your question above, I’m afraid I don’t understand. When you say “the theme is blocking this” and “the theme is not mine”, I don’t quite know what you mean. The whole point of a live demo is to showcase the specific item you’re selling, so if you’re using a different theme for your live demo, it’s not really doing that. Perhaps I misunderstand your question?

Look, I made it work on the iframe just now, it seems to me that is the theme, I removed the header and it worked, but I redid a new system, it redirects the person to the demo in the same url, just reopening a new tab, which does he from codecanyon.

Thanks for Help, you are the Best, Remove the Header is the solution :smiley:

Yes, back to the ticket you said that the problem would be the live demonstration, is that it happens for him, and for me, it was to open at least the designs of the package, see.