hi my item was soft rejected for simple reason, can any one help me

hello there.
my item was soft rejected because live demo not working
however i supply a working URL, you can even test by your self
this is the URL

it work fine

is there anything should i do to make the URL work when embedded by the envato as live demo?

please give me hints because i need this item to be live as soon as possible

best wishes for you all

It could just have been temporarily down.

With respect though, this will never be approved - it’s far too basic and the execution esp. typography and spacing.

Even if buyers can customise the colours/fonts etc. it’s still way too simple.

sorry but the item already approved, they just need from me a working Demo URL?
i don’t know why the demo URL.

secondly i think you are completely wrong i compare this item with other tickers on the codecanyon market and my ticker is a way more advanced than other tickers.

in fact there is no one ticker provide as much options as my ticker provide, plus that my ticker is fully responsive not like other tickers.

sorry but your opinion lack a lot of experience.

if you can help me about why demo URL not working please provide an opinion, i add subject here for this problem not to give me your opinion about my plugin.

best wishes to all members here

So it’s disabled rather than not approved.

Out of interest as there’s no sales on your account - when was it approved?

I suspect the url was just down temporarily - if it’s only been disabled having already been approved and working previously, then you should screen record it working and send that back to envato

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hi sir the item never published yet i just submit it before 2 days and i just now get soft reject, demou url not working, but my demo url work perfectly from my side

As above check there’s not restrictions on your url/hosting and then potentially record a demo showing it working to share within any resubmission

Just FYI if the URL was not working then the item would not have been reviewed yet.

i don’t know the item is reviewed and i get 2 notes, 1- you need to put more descriptions, then i resubmit the app, then i get demo url is not working, then i go to update again but the website have a problem, its the problem that a lot of people have now since little hours that after pressing update there is error appear, if you look to other threads this is reported by many developers just today.

so i’m waiting this problem to be solved so i can make a new update and tell the reviewer that everything is good from my end

Hi @osamara,

Soft rejection, there is no guarantee that your item will get approved. Especially when the reviewer asked for issues with the Item description, and/or demo URL then most probably your item has not started the review. After fixing the asking things review process will start.

Go to the Hidden Items tab/page from there click on your soft rejected item. It will take you to the item page. from there click on the ‘Live preview’ button to see if the demo link is working or not. Most probably your demo URL not working with codecanyon iFrame.


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@osamara Your website is returning the following header:

x-frame-options: SAMEORIGIN

This prevents Envato from being able to show your demo in a frame. I recommend checking out this existing thread where we went into more detail and offered a solution with an .htaccess file:

If you need any help with this, your web host is best suited for the task.

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Also please mote that -
The ALLOW-FROM value no longer works in modern browsers, so in order to make it work on the preview page, you need to have that header removed. You must have your hosting provider remove/disable the X-Frame-Options response header entirely.

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Wow, wasn’t aware of that actually. It looks like the alternative is Content-Security-Policy but it still has limited browser support. What a mess! :man_facepalming: Thanks @mgscoder, I’ll update my post.

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