soft reject HTML5 template (Add a preview link problem)

I uploaded an HTML5 template on codecanyon and got soft reject for the following reason: > Add a preview link where customers can see your project live directly from your market-listed item.

and the reviewer told me that This is not a live project:live preview

I want to know how can I make my project live and what is the difference between a live demo preview and a live project.

Hi @Availablecoder,

If your item is a html template then it should upload in themeforest not in codecanyon. In codecanyon author sale code, scripts & plugins.

Now about live preview/live project/live demo all mean the same you have to present your item for your customers to check the item features and functionality.


Hi @mgscoder
Thanks for your reply.

According to your message, live preview is the reason for rejection and the preview link is already added before rejecting the item : Otako - Business Landing Page Template (

So why did the reviewer reject the product?

I don’t know but may be your live demo is not working for the reviewer. maybe your hosting server is not working for all country. what was the original message in your hard rejection email from the reviewer? have you added the Demo URL when you submitted the item?

1-I don’t think that the hosting server is not working as I have paid to host plan from a big hosting company

2- I didn’t forget to add a demo preview link I even send him a screenshot for the website:
otako-demo-proof.jpg (1365Ă—696) (
And he answered => This is not a live project and added the link I sent next to the rejection reason

I want to know what should I do and if I uploaded the product again would be a problem for me and may lead to hard rejection

It depends on the rejection reason. If you received Hard rejection because of Quality then you will not be able to resubmit the item again. and it should mentioned in your rejection notification email.

As far I know only for preview link you should receive a soft rejection and will ask you to fix the live preview. If you are not sure why they reject or what actually they meant by ’ This is not a live project’ contact Author support and request them to help you on this.

Pretty sure that no demo link would mean that they do not even review it properly


I may do that and ask for support or I may upload it again and give the reviewer the link for this question.
thank you so much for your help

It won’t just be the lack of a demo link (although that’s a re-requisite for the actual review).

The concept is very over done and the execution is not up to the standards for here

I think you are right as in the first rejection he asked me to do some things not including making my project live and after I did what the reviewer asked me to do he replied by rejection reason for making my project live.

Here are the reviewer message and rejection reasons:

1- review-message-1.jpg
2- review-message-2.jpg
3- review-message-3.jpg

thank you so much for your help

That’s the thing, I don’t think they would have reviewed the design or code while there was no working demo, css was minified and JS was out of date.

Once that’s fixed then I still don’t think the design, typography, functionality etc is up to the standard, but the pout is that the reviewer would not have considered that yet if the setup was incorrect


But this is not the first time I Upload on Envato, I Uploaded on Themeforest before and the rejection reason was in design which means that the live preview is working and they check it And what makes me upload this template on codecanyon is it’s not a perfect design theme As I concentrated to make it in perfect code styles, active PHP contact form and SEO HTML tags.

I want to know what should I do as if this problem didn’t fix, my products wouldn’t be accepted in the market.

Thank you so much and sorry for wasting your time

@Availablecoder assuming we are talking about this Otako - Business Landing Page Template…

This is 100% Themeforest and not suitable for CodeCanyon

This is probably the most crowded category on the marketplace making it significantly difficult to compete/approve

You are against items like this, with outstanding versatility, design, and code quality. Obviously, you do not have to go as far as this template does, but you still need to bring features, functionality, and attention to detail to warrant someone paying for it.

With respect there are a lot of issues with your template in terms of design basics e.g. font choices, inconsistent spacing, lack of hierarchy, no blog posts (pet hate of reviewers), general mobile performance tidy up.

If you want to follow on with this then you need to either revisit the design side of things and look for more unique functionality, or else explore the option to partner with a PSD designer and use the work you have done to convert one of their approved designs

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@charlie4282 You are right on the design quality I know it’s not a perfect design template and I should say thanks for the points you asked me to take care with I will try to take my time in making the template and to have my own touches.
by the way, the landing page got accepted and I got my first sale too :grin:
Otako - Business Landing Page Template by Availablecoder | CodeCanyon