My All products Preview item not working

Hello envato Team

when i and user are click the Preview item button/ link then is not showing the demo.

Below given url. Online Exam Management - Education & Results Management Preview - CodeCanyon

Please helps let us know what is issue with that


Your demos will not open in an IFRAME. Is that your website where demos are hosted?

Your website is not working in iframe, it is usually caused by a misconfigured website that is trying to display another website without the consent of its owner.

So, you should contact your hosting support and let them know.

My site is working in iframe. Please check i am using this code

<iframe height="700" width="1200" src="" ></iframe>

Hi @weblizar,

Your server is setting the following header which prevents it from being displayed in an iframe.

X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN

A setting of SAMEORIGIN means that the page can only be the source of an iframe if the iframe is hosted on your demo server. This is not the case with CodeCanyon, so browsers will refuse to load it.

To fix this, you must have your hosting provider remove the X-Frame-Options response header entirely.

If you are not familiar with X-Frame-Options then contact your webhosting support and let them do this for you.


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