Little hack

The new forum,
can show the country even if in the settings is setup to be hidden:

And Yes, Is not so cool forum how was in the past, if in the past I spent each day a bit on forum, now is much more less.


It’s not a bug, it’s a feature. :wink:
Yes, I hid the country badge, but it’s not a big deal, if you now know where I’m from.


Not for you, if that’s not a big deal, why a hiding country is a feature ?
Doesn’t make any sense for me.

i personally do not really understand why this subject for this thread and what is the relationship between this thread name and what is discussed inside personally. As for me, i think that flags , whether u have or not this is not so much of a big deal also, i guess it depends on situations …

Wow :slight_smile: Did not know… A little “God mode”.Thing useless but interesting…

Hiding the country flag is a most; because there are some “PREJUDICES” for some countries, and even though those prejudices are not reflecting the universal truth, a visible flag may absolutely effect the sales of an author. Even a top quality item may be a victim of this kind of behavior.

For example, a customer has some prejudice for Brazil (Brazilian authors, you have a fantastic country and wonderful people. This is just an example.) - When they see the Brazilian flag, they don’t think twice and start to look for an other author.

Yes , true story (Not the “brazil” thing of course, but the PREJUDICEs)


Obviously, the community wants to bring it back. I hope Envato noticed this.

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Just a joke… a thing that works unexpected way is not a bug, it’s a feature. :smile:

yes and if u get into these considerations , there are also all kinds of discrepancies possible and for instance a guy who has had a guy giving him a bad and unfair review will suffer from him and his actions, but i have seen guys with rates 3/5 getting a lot of sales afterwards all the same … . Same goes with newbies , too , in that case, after all, who would like to buy from a guy with limited sales (probably possibly not rightfully so as not trendy or not talented enough) as some may consider that if they don’t have sales enough this is because they and their works are not good enough, when obviously , there’s no reality for this …, sorry also to say just that , but normally if people really care about these issues, i recommend u to close all your social media things or to cheat gamely on them so that u do not show any of your personal details or that u make people believe in something else that u really are … . However, i also do believe that this is a right to show or hide some information if people feel like it … but, as for people being discriminated out of flag issues, i don’t buy it , especially since, u can always find the other way around also, that is to say maybe some people buying from you because u are this or that …

if u believe that buyers are consulting the forums before buying your items, think personally that u are dreaming lol i think that they do not visit unless they need and start a thread and that the forum has limited on sales , except maybe if buyers are also authors, which seeks to be a limited part of sales, at least that’s what i think, now, it may also depend on marketplaces …

That’s the point of this new forum, so people stop complaining about the theme price and number of sales :smirk:

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Yes, as you said, there are MANY PREJUDICES already.
So let’s keep them as few as possible, and let’s eliminate the ones WE CAN.
We already have enough prejudices, so we don’t need extra ones, right?

Forcing flags to be displayed by default is a mistake.

yes but what u think as prejudices do exist the other way around also … so does it basically mean that we should just post a catalogue of items anonymously and let people choose from and give the guy who has a sale the money ?! i think that looks somehow some way unfair too … let’s face it most of the guys on top of the mountain also are there because they are promoting their items and work for this , so that would be unfair if the market was working the way i told you , and believe me i have no interest at all to sy just that lol as not only i am not a top author and i am really poor at promoting my items, besides according to many that’s the reason why i don’t have so many sales … . U know the examples that i gave u , according to personalities buying, they may get reversed and impact negatively the confirmed sellers, as for instance people may consider that people who have a lot of sales are not good to buy from as too many people will use the same content for instance, in other words, no matter what u talk about u can see a possible discrimination one way or the other and i will repeat it, for me buyers will not come here to check your flag and so on before buying , they ail go to marketplaces and select from search engines, and not waste their time here , especially now that all so complicate dot use …

first of all i am free to say whatever i feel like saying, whether u like it or not, just like u do by the way, then, i don’t tell what’s wrong or right, i don’t even know where u are reading anything like that … i just present things in a different prospective and just highlight that anything can be discrimination or causing discrimination, if we get into too much of a far fetched way of reasoning and , u may like it or not, and u may disagree , but as for the relationships between sales and what’s shown about u in the forum, i think there’s no impact whatsoever, except maybe , potentially in some marketplaces but clearly not in GR according to me

Please break your posts into paragraphs. Easier to read. Already these forums are confusing :smile:

Heya. We’re working on a fix for the flag display. Thanks!

sorry , i have forgotten, i 'll try to pay more attention

yes u are right people are different from one another and what maybe a potentially negative thing, thus maybe a positive thing too lol besides i agree with what u said u cannot make sure that the flag has no negative impact, on the hand , u thus also cannot make sure that flags do not have either a positive one or doesn’t have any negative effect at least and as u mentioned for me, i can say the same for u. Now, as i mentioned beforehand, i am for the right to choose what to display and to protect personal life too, so i think that this is a good thing if they can respect choices from all guys … .

now if u are basically saying that i have no business here, maybe because i do not say “amen” to what you are saying , i am sorry to say just that but this is not true, because as long as u talk about something, i have the right to comment what u said (and potentially disagree , besides same goes for you) and if u ever think that this is not legitimate, then this basically means that your comments should be flagged in the first place and have no reason to be here … what i do not think , as , let’s face it, a forum is to discuss some topics and , or discuss to a larger extent … . So people should kill Martin (Toivo Media and i because we started to talk about thai food in a thread tat was not dedicated to it a while ago?)

don’t worry , there’s no problem for me, i like the fact that u control what u display and preserve private life too :wink: as for me i have nothing against u or what u said, u can rest assured :wink:

yes its a feature ! :smiley: