Why authors hide their country badge ? Is there any advantage ?


Hi all
Hope you are all well. After a long time, I am back in Envato forums. Actually, I was thinking about a matter , but don`t get any answer yet.

I have seen a few authors here hide their country badge on their profile. Why ?
Is there an advantage ?
I mean someone said in my network that the markets sell will increase for this . Is this true ?

Leave your comments here.



Do you mean country badge? If not, please explain.


Yes country badge, oho there is a typo error.


Cool Question! I also thought a lot about this. As you can see I also hide the badge of the country.
I think this may affect sales because of political considerations.


Actually, I have earlier shown badge. And I’m sure it does not affect the level of sales. I’m from Russia. I hid the icon because I thought that some users or buyers will biased treat me because of the political situation in the world. And to show this badge now I just laziness:)


lol well if u ask this is a bit far fetched … in this case u can also consider that if there are some guys with this is kind of consideration , then they are going to buy from countries that thye like and select them for this , so this is not this much of a big deal if u ask me …


may be u are thinking too much also, i do not believe in this kind of things, personally. besides this is a bit far fetched as now your billing information is being showed and people if they ever buy from u and know where u come from afterwards and do not like it , then they are likely to do something wrong to u then, if we follow the same logics … i personally do not believe in these sorts of things … i dare think that people are clever and lettered enough to get to understand that all people are not teh same in a same country and that , more importantly again, lots of guys from a country do not identify to its government and necessarily agree with what is being done …


I don’t think this is true, I think creativeness and excellence stretch past politics…think of it this way…if you didn’t like the politics in Germany would you still buy a BMW? If you didn’t agree on Italy politics would you still buy a Ferrari ? (if you could afford one) I think you would still .
Be proud of who you are as an individual - everyone knows that you do not make the policies of your country so share your badge!


I don’t think it really matters where are you from but the quality of your work… :wink: