I don't want to make my country visible

@natman Well, a new surprise from Envato as always…
Friends, why are you continuously trying to give harm to your authors’ sales?
I want to keep my country hidden for valid reasons!
Even I have CHOOSED to keep my country HIDDEN (I am also NOT Turkish, by the way), it’s public on my profile.

Please provide a way to hide authors’ country.

As you know, there are many people who have prejudices against some countries (being right or wrong, it’s not our subject here), it can affect authors’ sales, and it will!!!

Please give us a way to HIDE the country name, immediately.

Please give us a way to hide this.


I don’t want this info to be displayed on my profile page! As always envato is showing us that they know better what we need :frowning:


Please brig back the option to hide that info.

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Option is actually there, but it does not work.image


Yes it doesn’t work.
Never underestimate the “power” of prejudices. @natman
Please fix this , it will affect the sales of authors’.

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I don’t quite see the point of the banner, regardless of the country being displayed or not. It’s completely redundant. The information and profile pic are already totally visible on the profile, so all it seems to accomplish is push the whole page further down, perhaps obscuring info or banners on smaller screens or smartphones from buyers. I mean, it’s kinda pretty, but sorta pointless, no?


Thanks for your feedback.

It seems only authors know about the importance of “aboveTheFold” ; it’s truly, truly unbelievable to see that a LEADING marketplace that’s selling digital products doing those kind of mistakes.
You’re wasting the most important section for simply nothing, for simply nothing.

It’s not beautiful, it’s not functional, and it shares PERSONAL DATA of authors.
We need this to be fixed, or give us an option to HIDE country name.


Of course it will affect to sale. Please bring back the option to hide that info.

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Same here, it’s not necessary to show your country to all users, also it’s available for non registered visitor, really this must be fixed soon.

+1 Yes, there should be an option to hide this, the current option is not working.

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For what purpose?


totally agree, it’s completely redundant.


Hello @Bedros,

My name is Sam, I am a developer on the Envato Marketplace.

Firstly, I would like to personally apologise, as this was an oversight by myself. I have deployed a fix for this and it should be live very soon. I have also added tests to our build pipeline to automatically check that this doesn’t happen again. This was in no way intentional.

Also, regarding the design choices and double up of content. We are actively working on this section of the site and you should see the page come together much more cohesively in the next few days.


I am also not a fan of showing the country to the users but in general i like the way of the “new” design. The thing is that combining the new elements with the old ones seems strange. they dont fit together from my point of view.

I am just curious whats planned for the whole profile page.

Showing the author name twice should be considered too, before rolling out!

Thanks a lot for your response, and thanks for your efforts.
And most importantly , thanks a lot for noticing us.


appreciate for quick response and fix!

Thanks for you hard work :smiley: Could you please give us an option to upload our own header background images? I think some authors have a green avatar wouldn’t love this default background


First, this green is too saturated color. My eyes are bleeding!
Second, this banner is too big and not useful at all!
Third, this information is too personal! I like the country flag, but this “Belarus, member since December 2011” on a top of my page looks like I’m your cow and you branded me! :rage:


Respect, you fixed that small mistake very quickly.

BTW the new header is a great improvement.


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No worries :smile: Keep raising concerns like these! Unfortunately, some of the time, mistakes like these slip through the cracks.

Regarding the feedback, lets flip this conversation around. I may have to start this with a disclaimer however.

I do not promise your feedback will be implemented but I do promise to consider it.

If you got to choose what information to show in your profiles header bar. What information would you include? and why?

I want to make improvements that benefit everyone, help me see this from your perspective.