Why is Envato Hidding Negative Comments on Authors Comment Section?

Why is it that Envato so quick to Hide Buyer’s Negative Comment about the poor Customer Support of an Author without even checking with the Buyer?

The Author of True Bus is lying about some of the features they have indicated on their script (I have no issues with the features missing but at least for transparency, Do not lie to buyers) and also their customer support is super poor. When you tell them on the comment section. Instead of engaging, The next thing you see is that your comment is been Reviewed.

Envato should not be doing this without contacting the buyer too… Other potential buyers need to know what they are getting into before purchasing the script. And if envato allows for sellers to just be able to hide all the negative comments then that is not helping other potential buyers.

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Users have the option to flag comments that they would like us to review. But that doesn’t mean we will necessarily agree with the reasons they flagged the comment.

Item comment moderation can be a bit tricky, as there can be many, many reasons why a comment might be flagged for removal. We try and strike a decent balance in line with our Community Guidelines, and while we unfortunately may not get it right 100% of the time, we do our best to make sure the comments are clean and helpful.


I get that. But you should not just immediately hide a comment when a person flags it. Especially the Authors. If the comment has been flagged several times by different users then that particular comment is bad and many people do not agree with it so it is okay when the said comment is hidden. But now such an Author is taking advantage of that and flagging off any negative comment made on their page and that is hiding info from other buyers because the comment section is made so that one can be able to go through the comments and see if any questions he/she has about a theme has been answered in the comments section and also see how the current buyers are fairing on with the theme

Now when an Author is able to quickly flag negative comments and the comments are immediately hidden, that beats logics. The Flagging of comments should not be hidden immediately, at least put a number to the which determines when the comment can be hidden. E.g A comment is flagged 5 -10 times and by different users, not just one user…or try your best to follow up the flagged comment and see it deserves to be flagged or the Author is just hiding his lies.

There was a presale question someone has asked if the script has Promo Code Management and Author replied to the pre-sale question saying that the Script has “Promo Code Management”. Now, that is not the truth because I have purchased the script and I am 100% sure that the script doesn’t have that function. So I posted a comment and said they should stop lying to people, the script doesn’t have the Promo Code Management. Next thing I see, is my comment is under review.

And that is not the only comment the Author has hidden. He also flagged another comment I made when I called him out on another lie he had made to another potential buyer too.

Now you tell me if that comment deserves to be hidden from other potential buyers? Because that to me is a helpful comment. Or is the Author allowed to lie and not be called out on it??

While (speaking as a buyer not an author) I see your point - it’s a catch 22 situation…

I agree that an author can hide comments then it prevents other buyers seeing it but at the same time what if the buyer/person leaving a the comment is wrong and incorrectly placing the file in a negative light?

Realistically (of course not in every case) there are probably a higher % of buyers either making incorrect assumptions for whatever reason or panicking if they are having issues, than there are authors deliberately trying to hide negative comments.

The issue is that having immediate flagging rights or not both present (different) implications.

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This is where the due diligence comes in. You as Envato or the dedicated support team that has been given the mandate to regulate and check comments need to follow it up and determine if the comment was written is the truth or the seller is just been malicious.

As KingDog stated here “Users have the option to flag comments that they would like us to review. But that doesn’t mean we will necessarily agree with the reasons they flagged the comment.” … Point to note is flag comments that they would like us to review …to Review… Meaning you are supposed to follow it up and check… But you guys do not do that.

Like in my example. No one has reached out to me to find out whether my comment is malicious or not. So you just live the decision to automatically favor the person who flags the comment. Because the other side hasn’t been heard. And that is not Reviewing.

@BrioNg I think you make some reasonable points.

Challenge is, there can be upwards of 500 comments made per day. Some of those comments say some pretty horrible things. Some say very reasonable things too, but it’s the really horrible that we’re more concerned about. We conduct a human review, but sometimes that can take a little bit of time. It’s also always going to be a challenge to investigate every single one. The aim is to create as safe a space as possible, but there will always be a margin for error.

It seems to be the rule of the internet that when you give people a text box and anonymity you’re bound to get a few douchebags.

I fully agree we can do a better job at resourcing an approach these comments to review them faster. We’ve got a project in the works that addresses that.

I say you make a simple comment dispute system. As theirs always two sides to a story and right now it seems as a buyer, Envato is more seller sided.

Somewhat the same as eBay, but the opposite, they are more Buyer centered and do not protect the sellers as well as they should from fraudulent buyers. Don’t get me wrong, I feel Envato provides a vital service here, really great way to connect to talented authors of products from all over the world and in most cases at fair fees.

I searched the internet for “author flagging my coments on envato” and this page came up.
I am in a fix, I bought a code over a year a go, wasted resources on server and domain and ssl, and re bought them for another year just to see the code I bought working, but finally it never works and the seller says he does not why, he even compiles the code himself and send me the apk, still not working

I go on the product page to ask in the comments if anyone has been able to build a working app out of the product, and its always flagged for review?

I am just asking “if another buyer has been able to use the code to build a working app at all”. Because the fault could be from my side, how do I know if envato wouldn’t even let us ask?


Yes that doesn’t make a lot of sense unless the author has a particular support forum that they would rather have you use for questions?

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