Listen all the versions of the track straight from the search results


Once again, thread from the old forums is back:

In short, the titile says it all. The idea is to make a feature to listen all the versions of the track right from the search results. So you can go to the images. Or read the whole text if you wish :smile:

"Most of us (AJ authors) include some extra versions along with the main full track. But sometimes we are loosing a buyer because they cannot hear all the versions of the track. It will be easier to explain it with an example.

Lets say, buyer wants to purchase track that similar to yours, but without drums. Your zip archive incudes your main track, and its version without drums also. But buyer is in a hurry. Buyer types lets say “romantic instrumental” tag in the search and starts to quickly listen to every track. One of the tracks is yours, but your main version (that goes first in the preview) is with the drums. Buyer generally likes your track, but he knows that he needs a track without drums. So he is quickly goes to the next track.

It wouldn`t happen if he could check and listen to all the available versions of your track straight from the search results. He would quickly check that you have a version without drums, and possibly woulf purchase it.

Alright, this is a theory. Now, you will see how it may look like in the reality.

You can see one additional element on this image. It shows much much extra versions your track includes (as we know, currently maximum is 4)

Next picture shows that when you place your mouse on that element, it become a little brighter, and a small semi-transparent pop-up window shows up. That window shows what extra versions you have.

Then you see that when you click on the title of the version, player goes to the correct position and that version starts to play.

And this picture shows how “edit” (or submit) page may look like. Everything will work correctly, because you have filled the name, lenght and position in the preview of each version. You need to click ”+ version” button if you want to add more versions of the track. If you don`t have versions, simply leave these fields empty. Also, the will be no need to write anything about versions in the description.

I think if you like this feature, it will be also cool to do the same for the player in the item`s page. Easier for buyer.

So if we will implement this idea, it will be easier for buyers and better for us. There will be no need for buyers to open a lot of tabs to check what versions you have (if they ever do this). They will be able to listen to all the versions right away, without leaving a search page. Also we, authors, will really improve our chances to get a sale by adding more different versions.

Of course, everything doesnt have to look exactly like this. But I think youve got the main idea. You can support this thread if you like it, to let this idea become real. So what do you think guys? :slight_smile: "


This is a very elaborated idea. Good for you. Doesn’t look like a priority but I support it. :man: