Several versions for one track: only the duration of the preview is shown in the results page :(

just had a look in the “Looking for” section of the forums…
And someone was talking about making a search with a given duration, and the search engine is broken…
In fact, it is not broken, but in the result page, the durations you see are only the “preview” one…
So it is always too long!!

So I am wondering, I am always doing full / medium / short versions… but it seems it has the opposite result: if someone looks for a given duration, and stop at the result page, they will think my tracks are waaay too long as only the duration of the preview (which means… nothing!!) is shown…

Just wondering why they do this and what is you opinion on this…


I just did a test and it does NOT work. I searched for Corporate, which showed 215,000 tracks starting with the biggest sellers on top. Then when I changed the desired length for several different searches,e.g., 0-2:15, 0-1:15, 0-0:30, NOTHING CHANGED in the list! This has to be very frustrating to the customers and probably a big deterrent to Envato sales.

Oh yes, you are right… Just did the test, does not seem to work at all?!

But my question was more than, in the results of any search, you see the length… and it just shows the length of the preview file… (sometimes it is over 8:00 … means nothing!!)

That being said, I am sure I have already seen a display where instead of this meaninless preview duration, you could see all the durations of all the provided versions…

I am pretty sure I am missing some sales because of this!

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Indeed the option in the search for “track length” has broken.

The way it works now, with the display of the total preview length that does not indicate the actual length of the track nor that of its different cuts, it actually hurts the authors who provide additional cuts. Lame!

We campaigned for years to have the different cut lengths be displayed and searchable, why did you take it away Envato? Who at Envato decided “nah, instead of the actual lengths, let’s put the cumulated lengths of the total preview, now that’ll be useful to buyers!”


Thanks Pierre for your answer.

I am very new here, and I am spending time (probably too much :frowning: ) trying to provide several versions of each of my tracks. But after having seen this screenshot where the potential buyers showed that the tracks had not the right length… just because he was looking at the preview length… so I guess he did not even clicked on the tracks, otherwise he would have seen that indeed, they had the exact length he was requesting…

Is this a recent change?
I am quite sure I have already seen a display where a list of durations were displayed…

The fact is that earlier, the length inside the common track was displayed (that is, additional version of the track corresponded to the specified length, not counting the total length). Now I entered 1:00-1:05 but not one version with such a long one I did not meet in the search results. The first position is 1:26, the second position is 3:00, the fourth position is 1:14 , the fifth position is 2:57, the sixth position is 1:46 or 0:30, etc. This does not correspond to the length parameter that I indicated. As I remember the length that I specify, there must correspond at least one additional version of the track.✓

Don’t know how recent of a change. But I think I remember noticing it weeks, maybe months ago. Thought it was temporarily broken and would be fixed soon enough. But it looks like it was intentional after all. Can’t understand why!

Yeah, it looks like, on top of the length display issue (that maybe is intentional), the search by length is completely broken and useless. These results make no sense.

There is no search specificity to track length! How ridiculous is that? This problem has to frustrate potential buyers.

An old bug/problem. What a shame that it hasn’t been solved already!

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I made the same topic few weeks ago. The problem is more for new buyers, when they see a track 7 mins 30 long they can think “WTF is this ?”

I think most of customers don’t pay attention to this but it would be great to solve that bug.

Someone wrote in Envato support on this issue? (the search does not respond to the parameters of the track length) @SpaceStockFootage how soon will the problem with the search be solved?

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Look here:

Kingdog says he’ll ask around, so I guess its being fixed as we speak :wink:

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