License ?


I’m working on a motion design for a client.
And my client ask me what kind of license he needs.

The video will be visible on the streams (live and VOD) and on/during the event in exterior.

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Will people have to pay to see whatever their getting a license for? If yes, then they need an extended license, if no, then I think a regular license will be fine.

Though, you say you are doing some work for them, which sounds like you’re doing custom work that doesn’t require any sort of license.

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I’m working on a video for my client as a freelance.
I said to my client I can’t purchase the song for us, because they need the license to use it with their company.

And when I said live & VOD it’s like twitch, youtube, vimeo & co.
And sometime to put the video on event like E3.

Upon looking into it further, I realize there are quite a few music specific license options here, so I might not be the best person to answer. From what I see though, Music Broadcast (1 Million) might be the right option, since they plan to use it on streaming sites + live events.

To get a definitive answer it would probably be worth contacting Envato Support. They’ll be able to tell you exactly what they would need.

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:
Yes I will do this!

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The Broadcast license is only required when then end-product is to be broadcast, ie air on TV. For most Internet uses, the Standard license is enough.

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