International Trade Show License?

Which license would be required for a video that will be:

  1. Uploaded to several online outlets (YouTube, company website, etc.) and;
  2. Used in a trade show booth in different countries?


Regular license would be fine for that.

You only need an extended license if the end users have to pay to watch the video. I’m assuming they have to pay to enter the trade show, but nobody is specifically paying to watch a video which happens to be on your stand… so regular would be fine.

Thank you so much for this reply. I appreciate the feedback. I have to ask one followup question because my client will ask - are you an official representative for Envato/Audio Jungle? If not, do you know how I can get in touch with an official rep? I am considering licensing one non-PRO track and one PRO track, and I need to know for sure which license will apply. I keep getting stuck in a loop on the help/FAQ pages, and the FAQ about PRO music isn’t helpful because it says "if you go to a trade show you “should” be okay. - My client can’t operate on “should” - we need to know for sure.

Thank you again.


@SpaceStockFootage, though wise and knowledgeable as he is, is not Envato staff (and neither am I). You won’t get an official statement on the forums. You can however open a ticket and ask your question there. Though it’s possible you won’t get anything more precise than a “should be ok”.

There are actually two distinct questions in your posts.

The first is about licenses. For which SpaceStock is indeed right. A standard license is all you need.

The second is about PROs, and it’s more complex. Envato most likely won’t have a “for sure” answer, as it depends on many outside factors, and may vary depending on your country and local PRO policies.

In most cases, you “should” indeed be ok. But, if local PROs do collect on public events (and not just broadcast as some do), you need to know who’s responsible for paying performance royalties for this particular case. Is it the Trade Show organizers, the owners of the venue? Or would it be your client’s responsibility (least likely possibility)? Unfortunately, Envato doesn’t have the answers to these questions. So, while you “should” be ok, there is a very slim possibility that your client may be responsible to paying royalties.

Again, this is just the opinion of an author and I hope Envato will be able to provide you with a “guaranteed” answer.