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Hello everyone,

I hope an experienced music track buyer/licensee can help with my questions, since I can’t quite figure it out myself from the license information and FAQs or the cryptic answers from Envato customer advisors:

1xClient/1x Advertising Campaign

1xEnd product: self-created video with 1x track (1xItem) purchase through Audio Jungle.

Use (is the intended use the “Project”?) of this 1xEnd product via this 1xClient/1x Advertising Campaign for the following:

  • Websites (more than one)

  • Social media channels (more than one)

  • At wine fairs, tastings, master classes, e.g. during presentations or on screens for location branding (more than one)

  • As part of trade and media cooperation, e.g. to round off a newsletter from retailers or media (more than one)

no P.R.O track

no broadcast

1x exact same video (end product) with the exact same AJ track (item) for exact same client and exact same ad campaign

Is 1x Audiojungle Music Standard License sufficient and does this 1x license generally cover several websites and several social media channels and several trade fairs etc. in one?

Or do I need 1x license for websites, an additional one for social media, an additional one for trade fairs, etc.?

Or do I even need a separate license for each and every single website, each and every single social media channel, each and every single trade fair etc.?

Envato Customer care says, I would need a new license for each and every “event” (whatever that is/means), even if client/campaign/endproduct is the same…which I can’t quite believe…

Sorry for the long post, just wanted to get all the information in.

Thank you very much!!


How do the different websites work in relation to each other? Are they different brands? This will greatly impact how many licenses are required.

Same for the different social media channels. Is it the same brand on different platforms (FB, Instagram, X,…)? Or different pages/accounts on a same platform?

Regarding the live events (wine fairs, tastings, master class,…), it’s a bit tricky. The event itself is usually considered to be the end product, and would thus each requires its own license, as Envato support told you. But you could argue that only the video is the end product (as long as it’s always the same with no modification whatsoever), requiring one license, even if shown at different locations/occasions. Unfortunately, the cases of live events are not detailed enough in the license terms for me to be assertive on that.

Regarding your point about “part of trade and media cooperation”, this is even trickier. Of course it all depends on the form it would take. But having the video (and thus the music) published/distributed by third-party would be problematic. Depending on the specifics, they would need to get their own license.

The only impact PRO music may have in your case is regarding the live events. Depending on your local PRO policies, performance royalties may be collected for such events, from the venue owner or the event organizer.

Hi PurpleFog!

thank you very much!

Yes, websites are all of the same company and same brand, but in different countries with different country urls.

Yes, Social Media is also the same company/brand, just different platforms.
(not sure if also different pages/accounts within one or the other platform, but don’t think so)

Yes, the live events are very tricky it seems…
The video itself is an end product and a “live performance” as well as per license terms.
“live performance” is the only term I found in the license terms, that remotely describes trade fairs/presentations with an audience/visitors from my view.

On the other hand, I would rather understand “live performance” as an end product to be some sort of physical show backed with music, which can be performed at one or more venues.
(and does this “live performance end product" then only need 1 license to be shown at various venues? ; )

As the video does not represent the entirety of a “live performance/show/event aka trade show" but is just a small feature shown there, I’d see the Video as the end product.

As you said, showings of video-end products at live fairs/presentations/events are not clearly explained in the terms.

Just adding a broadcast license won’t do the trick, since it is neither TV nor Radio or any other typical broadcast scenario.

Let’s forget about the “part of trade and media cooperation”, I don’t have enough info on that yet…

The “No P.R.O” Info was just stated so that nobody takes time to explain what P.R.O. would entail, since not relevant in this case ; )

And last but not least:
Language translations and cut-downs are included, provided that the end video is the same, merely translated and/or cut-down and/or slightest text changes are made.

Thanks very much!
Open to any additional info you can give.


Hi Ricarda,

It sounds like the different websites would indeed be “translations” as allowed in the terms. However if the branding somewhat differs from one country to another, then it gets slippery. Also, if the company is actually different legal entities in their respective countries, it could be argued that they are in fact different end-users and would each require their own license.

Regarding social media, the different platform do not require their own license, so as long as it’s the same brand, one license can be used for all their social media channels.

It doesn’t have to be a physical show, live performance simply means that the music is being played in a live setting, with a live audience. But your argument makes sense and may be valid.

Yes, broadcast is completely irrelevant here, unless the video plays on TV.

In any case, all I can offer is my opinion on the matter, no definitive answers. You may want to seek legal counseling, if you want to be sure.