Freelance logo motion design audio license question (Just want to make sure for peace of mind)


I create logo designs for clients and now I’d like to start offering audio as part of the design package delivery. Having looked over the numerous license help files, I think I have it clear but would like some clarification if I may.

So a “music standard license” will cover me for using music/sound fx in a digital video which I send them, with the goal of them uploading the video to web streaming services (Youtube etc, their own website) but not broadcast. Upon completion of the project, the license will be transferred to the client and I can point them directly to the licensing terms here on Envato and then it’s their responsibility to adhere to the terms.

Does that all sound correct?


Hello again,

Can someone give me an official yay or nay on my question - I’m mainly interested in the question of the transfer of license to the client once I’ve sent them the completed logo animation.


Only staff can give you an official answer, but the terms allow you to transfer the license to your clients indeed. You can see that there.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thanks PurpleFog - I did read that particular section of the FAQ but good to hear an unofficial answer anyways. Licensing is quite straightforward and way to complicated all at the same time, and wanted to be crystal clear so that I move forward knowing my rights…There always seems to be some small print waiting to catch you out :grinning: :+1:

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